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Ways to Improve Mozilla’s Exten...

Ways to Improve Mozilla’s Extension Pages
I’ve been recently paying more attention to the extensions-side of the Firefox project. does not maintain a website for extensions, as most are third-party developed. A lot of extensions are projects, and the MozillaZine forums provide some user-to-user support for help and troubleshooting. There are two sources t [...]

Mozilla Firefox Release

Mozilla Firefox Release
This past Monday marked the release of the Mozilla Firefox 0.8 web browser. It features a new change from Firebird to Firefox and a lot of changes since 0.7. To find out more and to download, go here. I can only describe the aftermath of that announcement as a flood of people hitting the and the other related servers of mozillazin [...]

The Power of a Voice

The Power of a Voice
Have you ever sat done and thought about what it meant to be able to speak? Just for a moment. Considered what we take for granted every day of our lives, the ability to communicate. Whether it’s just having a conversation with a close friend, or speaking in front of a crowded room. Our voices make a difference in this world, when we us [...]

My View of Webdesign

My View of Webdesign
Alright, tonight I finished upgrading Photos and Links to HTML 4.. this site is now, for what it’s worth, HTML 4.01/CSS2 compliant. (Some sections are using Transitional and others Strict). I view webdesign as an art, and not at all like i’m scripting or programing, which are more technical or a science in nature. As a result, I t [...] and HTML Standards and HTML Standards
Well, The biggest thing to talk about right now is what i’m doing to at this point. I decided with this website i’d actually attempt to care about web standards, since I’ve accused Microsoft Internet Explorer, repeatedly of not being properly supporting, when it may be that i’m just bad at writing HTM [...]

Introdution to My Blog

Introdution to My Blog
This is my first entry to my new blog. I’m starting this blog, to put down my thoughts, opinions and comments about my life and the world around me. I’m an opinionated person, by nature, though I do try to respect other peoples opinions and not change them, so some of the posts may be a little bit ranty at times, while others will [...]

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