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Archive for September, 2004

A little explanation…

By on September 24, 2004 in Music, Personal Thoughts

So, the last two blog posts have been kinda an easy-way out. Its simple to just copy/paste lyrics to a song and call it a post. That’s not to say it lacks meaning, particularly when the lyrics aren’t just picked at random. I’ve spent most of the last week sitting in my bedroom listening to […]

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Believe It or Not

By on September 24, 2004 in Music

Believe it or not everyone have things that they hide Believe it or not everyone keep most things inside Believe it or not everyone believe in something above Believe it or not everyone need to feel loved But we don’t and we won’t Until we figure out Could someone deliver us Just send us some […]

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I Don’t Believe in Love

By on September 19, 2004 in Music

I awoke on impact Under surveillance from the camera eye Searching high and low The criminal mind found at the scene of the crime Handcuffed and blind, I didn’t do it She said she loved me I guess I never knew But do we ever, ever really know? She said she’d meet me on the […]

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New Look

By on September 18, 2004 in Website News

More design changes… I got bored today.. Tired of working on the same stuff, I realized that more or less, i’ve been focusing on the same thing every day, and that its not really a good thing. So I decided today to take a day off of that project and do something else.. The new […]

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New Website / Update Update

By on September 2, 2004 in Mozilla launched its new look.. which I must say is a big improvement over the previous. So congrats to Steven Garrity / silverorange and all the people who took part in that. Update Many people have expressed alot of views, to put it diplomatically over’s current state. So, briefly i’m going to try […]

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