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Archive for November, 2004

Netscape Browser = Firefox + IE + WTF?

By on November 30, 2004 in Mozilla

Meet Netscape Browser… Now that you’ve been scared by the initial look… I’ll give you a minute to recover and visit the bathroom if needed……… Supposedly this is based on Firefox 0.9.3, which IMO was the worst Firefox milestone, pre-release or not. Though you can’t tell that Firefox is burried in there, behind the UI […]

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Moving Spaces…

By on November 24, 2004 in Mozilla

So, those of you who watch bugzilla closely have definitely noticed alot of changes lately. The new Core, Toolkit and Mozilla App Suite products for example, and alot of moving bugs. Update has also moved, from a pairing of two components in Webtools and it is now its own Product “Update”. For those filing […]

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Sound familar…

By on November 17, 2004 in Politics

“Of course the people don’t want war …but, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament or a communist dictatorship … voice or no voice, the […]

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Firefox *1.0* is coming…

By on November 8, 2004 in Mozilla

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What’s left when you have nothing to give?

By on November 7, 2004 in Personal Thoughts

[Historical Reference]

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Ok, so we re-elected an asshole…

By on November 5, 2004 in Politics

It’s amazing how little fear you have to spread in order to snow 51% of this country into thinking that George W. Bush is worth re-electing. Bush/Cheney 2004 — Discrimintory Politices to make you *feel* safe. “A false sense of security is worse than being insecure.” Stolen from the #bs topic: “On behalf of 49% […]

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