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Archive for September, 2005

Ah… normalcy perhaps?

By on September 27, 2005 in Website News

Well, the site should be back to being normal now. The new hardware for the server is installed and things are looking good. 🙂 So, last I mentioned the situation it was a dying video card fan. (this after the dead PSU fan.) Well, as it turns out, the dead PSU fan had a bit […]

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By on September 23, 2005 in Website News

Die blue header blob, and not entirely realistic above-the-cloud footer.. Greetings 10 minute hack that’s more personal than anything i’ve had up here in the last year… Also, jumbled the blogroll a bit.. More soon, including more to the hardware death story… In short, if you can’t reach this site, there’s a good chance […]

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One Light…

By on September 4, 2005 in Events, Mozilla, Personal Thoughts

Dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, The men and women of the military fighting overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to anyone suffering around the world. You’re not alone.

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One Light Burning

By on September 4, 2005 in Events, Music

All alone in the dark No walls no windows Trying hard to define Heaven from hell Standing out in the rain With just one shadow Nothing to see or believe Beyond myself See my life going by Each moment I’m alive I keep reaching out, holding on, hoping Somewhere in my life There’s one light […]

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By on September 4, 2005 in Personal Thoughts

Not much has been going on in my world, or so it feels.. but so much has gone on around me, that I want to say something about here. Let’s see.. in my life, the biggest event relate to fun things like hardware death (in the server that runs this website.) First it was its […]

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