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I can learn to resist Anything but temptation I can learn to coexist With anything but pain I can learn to compromise Anything but my desires I can learn to get along With all the things I can’t explain I can learn to resist Anything but frustration I can learn to persist With anything but aiming low I can learn to close my eyes To anyt [...]

Problem of the Day: Getting Feedback

Problem of the Day:  Getting Feedback
“I don’t know” isn’t a good answer when you ask somebody for constructive criticism (or just praise) on a creation. It doesn’t help that I only really function with some sort of feedback and in the absense of it, I just want to quit. :-/ I have a hard time getting the ideas in my head, onto paper, or even better, [...]

Happy Birthday to Me…

Happy Birthday to Me…
So, ok. Its my birthday again. I’d feel better about it if I actually had done something in the last year, to change my life in some way. :-/ Oh well. WTF did the last year go?

SpreadFirefox Hacked Again…

SpreadFirefox Hacked Again…
From “The Mozilla Foundation’s community marketing site Spread Firefox has been hacked for the second time in less than three months. According to an email sent to registered users of the site, unknown remote attackers exploited a vulnerability in the TWiki wiki software, whic [...]

Age of Communication

Age of Communication
Ever noticed just how hard it is to actually reach a person? Even with all these gadgets and gizmos we carry around supposedly to make ourselves more reachable. So let’s see now you can be unavialable via more ways.. E-Mail (if you’re lucky, you get a reply, maybe within a week. You could write a letter and wait just as fast) IM ( [...]

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