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Archive for October, 2006

Ghosts of the Past…

By on October 24, 2006 in Personal Thoughts

Things… Big events… Little events.. One liners, even.. Haunt me, weeks, months, even years later… Even if I wasn’t wrong. and much more if I was. I catch myself thinking about them, when I’m not doing anything else, or just laying down and thinking. I try to put them to rest, and let things go, […]

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Egos and Stupidities….

By on October 17, 2006 in Mozilla

Yes, I know, I’m late to the game.. and out of practice at blogging these days. Just wanted to get my own opinion out, since self-expression makes me feel all fuzzy…. So, yay, now we apparently have Icedove and IceWeasel (which for the sake of being anal and annoying must have a capital W in […]

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Can you say “Accident”?

By on October 11, 2006 in Politics

Aircraft crashes into Manhattan high-rise Seriously, why would it not be?

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