January 19, 2009: Apache, mod_ssl, and SNI on Windows

July 20, 2008: Apache and MySQL Authentication

July 12, 2007: Nagios Plugins for Windows


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Archive for December, 2008


By on December 26, 2008 in Academic

Well, after lots of waiting. (My my, instructors are slow.) First Semester of Collge grades: Deductive Logic – A College Algebra and Probability – A Introduction to Business Programming – A Introduction to Astronomy – B I’m a little dissapointed in the B, but to be honest, the course was tough, so i’m happy with […]

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If its unowned, you may buy it from the bank…

By on December 18, 2008 in Mozilla

Most of you are aware that I run firebot, and that he’s been around, a relatively long time now, where long is since around the Firefox 0.9 launch (June 6th? maybe, can’t really remember, and the launch was the 14th.) in 2004. Starting as a bug-reporting bot, I eventually changed him to running mozbot, the […]

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