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Happy Easter

Happy Easter
Well, its a little late, but I want to wish everybody a Happy Easter, and hope that it went safely for everybody.

Dream of the Dolphin

Dream of the Dolphin
In every colour there’s the light. In every stone sleeps a crystal. Remember the Shaman, when he used to say: Man is the dream of the dolphin. — Engima (Cross of Changes)

Admiting when you’re at fault&#...

Admiting when you’re at fault…
Sometimes, its the simple things that are the hardest… Being wrong ranks up there at the top. I’m not perfect. I’m human, was born that way and can’t really help it. I try to do the best I can, particularly when people expect alot of me. I try not to let people down whenever possible, unless its simply unavoidable. Pro [...]

Firebot Update

Firebot Update
In my last blog post about the bots, I mentioned combining them into one bot. Well, as of a few days ago, this is now done. So I thought I’d blog a follow-up post about it, before moving on to more interesting things. It wasn’t exactly easy because of my inexperience with perl, but the new firebot seems to work decently. If anybo [...]

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
Just thought I’d take a moment and wish my friend Curtis a happy 20th birthday. Its not that bad being 20, really.

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