January 19, 2009: Apache, mod_ssl, and SNI on Windows

July 20, 2008: Apache and MySQL Authentication

July 12, 2007: Nagios Plugins for Windows


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Personal Thoughts

Things Change…

Things Change…

By on April 3, 2014 in Personal Thoughts with No Comments

I used to be involved in Mozilla… In the run up to Firefox 1.0 10 years ago I was responsible for developing the early verson of the Mozilla Add-ons website. Things change.Later, I became responsible for firebot, after the other IRC bots gradually went offline, I took over mozbot development, such as it is, as […]

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Things not to do to stay healthy…

By on June 19, 2008 in Personal Thoughts

Simple list… (1) When cleaning up and moving, dust or wear a mask… (2) Don’t stay up for 45 hours straight, including at least 2 hours in-transit (3) All meals are mandatory, even if you can’t see straight, eat. Failure to follow these simple steps… results in.. sickness.. ugh.

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Ghosts of the Past…

By on October 24, 2006 in Personal Thoughts

Things… Big events… Little events.. One liners, even.. Haunt me, weeks, months, even years later… Even if I wasn’t wrong. and much more if I was. I catch myself thinking about them, when I’m not doing anything else, or just laying down and thinking. I try to put them to rest, and let things go, […]

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Can you say “Accident”?

By on October 11, 2006 in Politics

Aircraft crashes into Manhattan high-rise Seriously, why would it not be?

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By on May 1, 2006 in Personal Thoughts

If you had the preceeding two songs in your dreams, would you worry? 😉 (Particularly, since the latter of the two, (but first since the blog reverses them…(aka Judas Priest) was really loud in an empty art studio…)

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Looking at one’s own problems…

By on March 31, 2006 in Personal Thoughts

Why do people not look at themselves before throwing hatred at others? Its easy to see your own problems in other people, harder to admit you have those issues yourself. And particularly, easy to attack people who will, of course, believe your venom blindly because you know, they think little of themselves. Must make you […]

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How do you tell someone you don’t want their input?

By on March 26, 2006 in Personal Thoughts

No long post about the right answer here. I’ve encountered two different answers and neither qualify as particularly nice or friendly. I don’t think it really can be done and be nice about it. (1) Just ignore them like they aren’t there. (2) Come up with a lame-sounding rationale, (it’s X’s house, not yours (even […]

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3,000 Dead, 18,000 wounded…

By on March 21, 2006 in Politics

‘ The war against Iraq has cost the US more than 3,000 dead soldiers and 18,000 wounded… The figures are close to those of 11 September with the slight difference that the war in Iraq is still going on… Despite this, President Bush, without any shame, says that the decision to wage war was the […]

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This Space for Confusion

By on February 14, 2006 in Personal Thoughts

The post that used to be in this space, was removed, because it made no sense to anybody but me. Though, for what its worth, the post itself was based on feeling left out of a friend’s visit, when that isn’t the case. Communication issues suck. Mood Music Post Follows…

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Thoughtful Betrayal

By on February 13, 2006 in Personal Thoughts

Sometimes a needed action becomes very evident in front of you. That the words of others while nice and semi-warm and not hurtful, are actually, just safe. Safe words can be misleading words, they try to be nice and thoughtful of your feelings by avoiding hurting you. When in reality, they’re not protecting you from […]

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