January 19, 2009: Apache, mod_ssl, and SNI on Windows

July 20, 2008: Apache and MySQL Authentication

July 12, 2007: Nagios Plugins for Windows


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Website News

Revisiting this blogging thing…

By on August 23, 2010 in Random, Website News with No Comments

So… its a foregone conclusion that I’m not very good at keeping up with a blog. Thats ok. I won’t apologize for it. I just simply often have little to write about, or so it seems like. Though it seems like I may have spare time to post more, we’ll see. Recently, when approaching migrating […]

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New Photos in the Gallery

By on November 7, 2006 in Photography, Website News

OK. So, I’ve been thinking about doing this for weeks and weeks, (maybe months even…), I (finally) posted 5 new albums in the gallery. 2 of them are from 2005, Full Moon (which is the full set of images that I blogged about in Exploring the Night Sky, some time ago) and Lake Trail @ […]

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New Look…

By on September 24, 2006 in Website News

Earlier this week, I pushed the new design for the website. I think it feels much warmer and less plain than the previous very red, white and blue, not intended to be so patriotic design. I also shuffled some of the content around, moving things that didn’t belong as a main section (network) into projects.

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New Gallery

By on December 27, 2005 in Website News

I finally did something about the neglected gallery on the site. 🙂 The old one,, while nice, and better than what was on the site before that, didn’t quite serve my needs and integrate that nicely into the site, which discouraged me from actually updating and adding new photos to it. So I’ve changed […]

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By on November 6, 2005 in Website News

Finally updated the Firebot page with details about the combined bot, that’s been running since early March. Also upgraded mysticowl with the spare parts left over from tazdevil’s upgrade, and updated the Network page to reflect that. Nothing else to say for now…

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Ah… normalcy perhaps?

By on September 27, 2005 in Website News

Well, the site should be back to being normal now. The new hardware for the server is installed and things are looking good. 🙂 So, last I mentioned the situation it was a dying video card fan. (this after the dead PSU fan.) Well, as it turns out, the dead PSU fan had a bit […]

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By on September 23, 2005 in Website News

Die blue header blob, and not entirely realistic above-the-cloud footer.. Greetings 10 minute hack that’s more personal than anything i’ve had up here in the last year… Also, jumbled the blogroll a bit.. More soon, including more to the hardware death story… In short, if you can’t reach this site, there’s a good chance […]

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Other New Stuff…

By on June 1, 2005 in Mozilla, Website News

So, what else is new that I haven’t blogged about… I’ve *finally* added the music section to my website. Its nothing spectacular, but I’ve been meaning to add it for months, if not over a year. Its a combination of a list of artists that I like that came to mind while writing plus the […]

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Galleries have returned…

By on January 30, 2005 in Website News

Well, the last bit of content from has made it back here.. the gallery is back. Its currently running 6.5. as opposed to the custom scripts that the old site used. Though i’m not sure i’m entirely happy with, while its simple and easy to use, its a little rough around the […]

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Who is Wolf?

By on January 27, 2005 in Website News

Added the “Me” page now. which is the first time in quite awhile that there’s been information on this site about me.. the previous site just had a picture and a placeholder for months. doh. Its surprisingly long, I just kinda got on a roll when writing it, so check it out and let me […]

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