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Other New Stuff…

By on June 1, 2005 in Mozilla, Website News

So, what else is new that I haven’t blogged about…
I’ve *finally* added the music section to my website. Its nothing spectacular, but I’ve been meaning to add it for months, if not over a year. Its a combination of a list of artists that I like that came to mind while writing plus the music category blog posts. Which I think serves as a good foundation for the section, and its existance adds a little more of me into the site.
Oh yeah, and finally Deer Park 1.1 Alpha 1 (or Firefox 1.1 Developer Preview Release Alpha 1) was released. I’m personally hoping the agressive scheduling for Firefox 1.1 final doesn’t slip, but this is Mozilla, so, the chances of that happening, aren’t high, but I can dream.
This quote from the new quote database fits. 🙂

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  1. Thepenguin says:

    Yay for music section! Deer Park looks pretty cool. i can wait though. Just like a videogame that i play, i would rather have the release be good rather than fast and full of bugs cuz they rushed with the Alpha Testing.