January 19, 2009: Apache, mod_ssl, and SNI on Windows

July 20, 2008: Apache and MySQL Authentication

July 12, 2007: Nagios Plugins for Windows


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Happy Holidays

By on December 18, 2005 in Holidays

Happy Holidays to all my family and friends. Hope its a good one. 🙂

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Happy Birthday to Me…

By on October 9, 2005 in Holidays

So, ok. Its my birthday again. I’d feel better about it if I actually had done something in the last year, to change my life in some way. :-/ Oh well. WTF did the last year go?

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Happy Easter

By on March 29, 2005 in Holidays

Well, its a little late, but I want to wish everybody a Happy Easter, and hope that it went safely for everybody. 🙂

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Happy Birthday

By on March 4, 2005 in Holidays

Just thought I’d take a moment and wish my friend Curtis a happy 20th birthday. 🙂 Its not that bad being 20, really.

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What to do?

By on December 27, 2004 in Holidays, Personal Thoughts

What do you do when you realize for the first time in along time, you don’t have anything at all you want to do, and nothing you have to do? Sitting and staring into space doesnt’ seem like a good option. Oh yeah, Happy Holidays . 🙂

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Happy Halloween

By on October 31, 2004 in Holidays

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