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New Gallery

By on December 27, 2005 in Website News

I finally did something about the neglected gallery on the site. 🙂 The old one,, while nice, and better than what was on the site before that, didn’t quite serve my needs and integrate that nicely into the site, which discouraged me from actually updating and adding new photos to it.
So I’ve changed from it, to Gallery2, which is working alot better and I really liike how well its fitting in. (Thanks to Dria, who’s new gallery I used as a bit of inspiration.)
Of course, to prove i’m going to actually add new stuff to it, I have already. I’ve added both, “King’s Pinnacle @ Crowders Mountain”, which are the photos from my last Crowders Mountain Hike, and “Fun Shots from 2003”, which are older shots I uncovered while digging to find the original images of what was posted to import into the new gallery.

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