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I’m Alive

By on April 10, 2004 in Music, Website News

Yes… I’m still alive and maintaining this site. As this blog’s still experimental I haven’t really figured out when to write in it. I figure at least when something major happens.
Well, in recent weeks nothing major has happened.. I’m spending most of my time developing a new website for an open source project. Which, if things go according to plan, will be launched sometime in early-May. I’ll post a blog entry or more when it’s up.. ’cause I’m really excited about it.
After that site is up and running, I’m going to put some time into developing this one. Major sections like “Music”, seriously need my attention. So I have some pretty major changes and stuff to add.. Which I hope will end up being pretty cool. 🙂
I’ve recently bought a a keyboard and I’m attempting to learn to play it.. So in time, I might have something to post here of my own.
Just for fun, here’s the newest songs I love (in no particular order):
Seether (Featuring Amy Lee) — Broken (From “The Punisher Soundtrack”)
Pacifier — Everything (From “Pacifier”/“Swimfan Soundtrack”)
Godsmack — Running Blind (From “The Other Side”)
Shinedown — 45 (From “Leave a Whisper”)

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