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Hardware Trouble

By on July 21, 2004 in Technology

Well. heh. the last few days have been fun. really. The server here, tazdevil, decided that Sunday night after a Thunderstorm would be a great time to have a hard disk drive failure. I don’t believe the storm was the cause though. Either way the 80gb drive that the machine runs decided to corrupt two partitions. One of which was the partition that contains my webdevelopment and website work. urgh.
After 19 hours with Spinrite 6 running on the partition, (at level 2), and Windows’ chkdsk utility reparing the NTFS file table, the partition was almost fully recovered. (and the part that wasn’t there was a backup of, yay.). The drive wouldn’t let WinXP reinstall though, because of the bad sectors, ick.
So, yay for me, heh. Luckly the drive is still in warranty, and gets to be replaced, (waiting for the replacement drive to be shipped now, Advanced RMAs, yeah!), so while it’s out, now i’m down to a 20gb disk. heh. Till Maxtor gets around to sending the other one. heh.

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