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New Website / Update Update

By on September 2, 2004 in Mozilla launched its new look.. which I must say is a big improvement over the previous. So congrats to Steven Garrity / silverorange and all the people who took part in that. Update
Many people have expressed alot of views, to put it diplomatically over’s current state. So, briefly i’m going to try to address some of the comments I’ve seen.
(1) Update’s look/design sucks. (or doesn’t match etc.). I’m working on a new style for the site, based on the cavendish theme by Steven Garrity that was just launched for and Planet Mozilla. I hope to address alot of the site inconsistencies at the same time. So far, its looking pretty good. I’ll post some screenshots here when it’s closer to being done. There may also be a beta period for it for testing before it goes live.
(2) Search! Yes! Update is getting a search feature. It will most likely be like, and let you search extensions or themes *seperately* though. Since combining the two is impractical.
(3) Theme Previews?!? The theme preview bustage that currently exists will be going away. I’m also going to try to expand the preview system to extensions and let multiple previews (the first of which, must be the one on the list.) be added.
(4) Developers Adding their Own Extensions. No it’s not a myth. The functionality exists, and will be finished and finally brought online.
All of that work will be completed by September 20th (for Firefox 1.0RC1). Just because it’s not on the list above, doesn’t mean it won’t get done. If you have a specific feature or bug you want to know the status on. You can e-mail me directly or leave a comment in my blog. 🙂

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