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A Call for Extension/Theme Testing Help for

By on October 21, 2004 in Mozilla is currently managed by a small group of editors, they handle the everyday operations, including, most importantly, adding/updating new extension and themes as they’re released and we get notification of them via bugzilla. Due to life constraints though, these relatively few editors, there’s 4 plus myself, are currently unable to handle the load of extensions/themes, so updates are suffering.
We’re on the edge of a Firefox release, which makes this situation particularly bad. So I’m calling for some help from the Mozilla community.
This is the list of bugs that need attention, Mozilla Update: New/Updated Items as well as anything added to Bug 264603. They had been reassigned to a new editor who volunteered to help out, but unfortunately, in a bit of a bad karma situation, he’s unable to volunteer for a few weeks.
Basically what needs to happen is this:
– The new versions of each (probably near the bottom of the comments for each bug) need to be tested on the newest version of the application (probably Firefox or Thunderbird) that they’re compatible with, if that’s 1.0, then the latest 1.0RC1 nightly, if it’s only 1.0PR then the 1.0PR release.
– Extensions: Test and make sure they install and uninstall ok, and that they add chrome to the browser UI that looks like it’ll do what the author says it will, and that the browser still works.
– Themes: Test that they install/uninstall ok and are complete, I.E. have all the icons like Software Update and LiveBookmarks and that they don’t break the browser.
If they work, comment in the bug, and say you’ve tested it, and if it works or not and the User_Agent of the browser (or Thunderbird version/buildid) you tested with. (include the OS). (If you have editbugs permissions, add tested+ to the status whiteboard)
Once they’re marked as having been sucessfully tested, adding them doesn’t take alot of time, and I’ll be able to add them and approve them so they’ll be available for the 1.0RC1 users. 🙂
Thanks in advance to anybody who helps out and tests these.

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  1. Doron says:

    Why not simply have a web interface that allows authors to update the info themselves?

  2. Wolf says:

    That’s planned, and mostly works in update-beta, where it’s being developered on, but it’s not yet ready for the live site, and won’t be till closer to Firefox 1.0’s release, unfortunately.

  3. Mime Cuvalo says:

    Hi Wolf,
    As noted in bugzilla – I’m available for help.

  4. Mime Cuvalo says:

    done – i’ve tested all the bugs on the list.

  5. Cornelius says:

    I wanted to try to help out, but I didn’t want to waste my time so I only validated two of the extensions I use on a regular basis as test cases. As best I can tell, my validations have been ignored (zero feedback and no noticeable changes at u.m.o.), so I don’t know whether I’m doing it right or wrong. Until I get some feedback, I can’t justify wasting any more time validating other extensions.