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Moving Spaces…

By on November 24, 2004 in Mozilla

So, those of you who watch bugzilla closely have definitely noticed alot of changes lately. The new Core, Toolkit and Mozilla App Suite products for example, and alot of moving bugs.
Update has also moved, from a pairing of two components in Webtools and it is now its own Product “Update”.
For those filing bugs, this might be a bit confusing, as Update’s now broken up into 4 components, “Administration”, “Listings”, “Developers”, and “Web Site”
Administration deals with user account troubles and just general site admin issues that don’t seem to fit elsewhere.
“Listings” is the most obvious, it’s for Extension/Theme bugs for changes to their listings, problems with them or new ones/updated ones. This is the component where we need the most help from the community, getting the bugs filed here QA’d, the items tested, so the editors can upload them, hopefully, pretty quickly.
“Developers” is for the Developer Control Panel, I’ve seen speculation of if it exists at all. It does. 🙂 but it’s a core part of update-beta, and can’t be used with the existing site. Most bugs here will be filed by the current editors, until update-beta goes live, then authors will be also filing.
Everything else about the visitor facing website, “Web Site” covers. but this isn’t for listing bugs, even if there’s an SQL error. 🙂
Hopefully this new product will help us orginize better and grow easier.
and for those of you hoping I’ll mention update-beta again in this entry, it’s coming…

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