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Update-Beta Preview Screenshots

By on December 8, 2004 in Mozilla

A sneak peek at what’s coming soon to

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  1. Da Scritch says:

    Really nice ! I’d rather prefer it !
    But the button line should have a :hover with a coloured background bother better lisibility
    The icons mixed with “extensions”, “themes” and “plugins” are a little bit confusing. Why not using the in-app icons instead of the program icons ?
    Sorry my bad french

  2. The current update-beta was already a great improvement over the current update, and by the looks of those screenshots it will only get better!
    When will this update-beta go public?? I hope soon, because I壇 very much like to start using it :).

  3. Ross Shannon says:

    Looks like something good’s a-brewing there Chris. Looking forward to seeing it.

  4. stonedyak says:

    Lookin’ good! Just one point – is that ‘Quick Description’ heading in the bottom image really needed? It seems kind of obvious that the paragraph below is a quick description 🙂
    Oh, and while I’m nagging… One thing I like about is that the extensions featured on the front page have the descriptions too (even if they are a bit long). This is helpful for people new to extensions who are just browsing, as the names aren’t always very descriptive. It also gives people an idea of what kind of thing extensions can do (i.e pretty much anything). Personally, I find the descriptions lure me into the site a bit more.

  5. Kevin Brosnan says:

    I am concerned about the rightmost column titled 敵et Plugins� bringing you to the Mozilla Store. While it is an interesting word association, plugin a shirt to your body. It will confuse users who have just enough knowledge that plugins are associated with the browsers. Maybe “Get Equipped” or “Get Equipment” would work in place of 敵et Plugins�.
    I also agree with the first post. Putting the application icons in the column describing the links makes users associate the link, the column, and the icon. The icon has no bearing on the link at the head of the column.
    Since many would associate the app icons with the links. Why not move them up to the top row listing the three apps.
    Thanks for adding a way to search the extensions/themes, while it is not working it looks that there is a plan to implement searching.

  6. kourge says:

    I love the new logo!! But on the real, the logo different.