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IRC Services… and Firebot/Wolfbot’s future…

By on February 27, 2005 in Mozilla, Technology

Well, now has services, thanks to the work of Stuart.
I’m not particularly a IRC services champion, but so far, it appears that with little effort on my part, the status quo is maintained and I don’t have to change any behavior on my part. (register nick, register channel, add identify command to chatzilla on startup.)
The bots were another matter though, wolfbot got a new module enabled (ServicesLogin) which works nicely with a single command to configure. Firebot, on the other hand, needed new code so he’d /msg nickserv on startup.
Though, now that firebot/wolfbot aren’t needed for channel op help anymore (firebot helped out with keeping docbot +o’ed, and wolfbot did similarly to firebot in other places), I’m wondering about the practicality of keeping 2 bots running 24/7. Firebot’s primary goal is Bug status announcements (for #firefox, #thunderbird and #wolfbot.), and wolfbot’s is informational, RDF announcements in #spreadfirefox, tinderbox in #firefox/#thunderbird, bugzilla in #wolfbot, etc. Neither goal requires a fully dedicated bot, so I’m thinking about merging the two bots into one. They’d be more manageable, and less channel clutter. Most likely, that’d require porting firebot to be a mozbot module,, and then enabling that in wolfbot (which i’d rename firebot.). I’m sure there’ll be some major reason why this won’t work, but its worth a shot.

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  1. Dave Miller says:

    As the original author of bzbot (on which firebot is based), I’d be very happy to see him turned into a mozbot module. It’s been discussed many times in the past on #mozwebtools (where both he and mozbot were born), just nobody’s ever got around to it.
    And hey, the license is compatible. 😉

  2. Nilson says:

    I support the decision to merge the bots. I prefer the name of ‘firebot’, though.