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Problem of the Day: Getting Feedback

By on October 12, 2005 in Personal Thoughts

“I don’t know” isn’t a good answer when you ask somebody for constructive criticism (or just praise) on a creation.
It doesn’t help that I only really function with some sort of feedback and in the absense of it, I just want to quit. :-/
I have a hard time getting the ideas in my head, onto paper, or even better, actually done. I have unrealisitic goals, where I have this constant need to impress and if I don’t feel like it reaches out and grabs then its absolute garbage. Its a very black and white view of things that are an art, and its because I rest their value on what other people think, and not how I feel about them. I’m never happy with anything I do. Its always, not good enough. Eventually, this is like a poison. It needs to die. Though, I really don’t know how to kill it. How do you go from hating everything, to having a realistic self-image and being able to see not only what does suck, but also, and perhaps more importantly, what doesn’t. Sure, everything can be improved upon, after awhile. That doesn’t mean if it doesn’t come out in its first revision as flawless it should be scrapped. It just means things change, skills improve, style changes, etc.
Maybe I’m just trying *too* hard and completely missing the point. I just don’t know.

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  1. Senitel says:

    I understand how you feel. I write fantasy for fun. I ran 5 weeks with great material and without real critism I just about died. I got a single comment and now I have some thing to do but I don’t feel like working. I took a break from writing and the good feeling and insperation is coming back. Maybe you just need a break. Hope I helped. 🙂