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View from the Top…

By on November 13, 2005 in Hiking, Photography

Sometimes a 3 mile hike is rewarding…

My friend Curtis and I, went back to Crowders Mountain State Park last tuesday to finish what we started several weeks ago… to make it to the top of King’s Pinnacle, up the 1.7 mile Pinnacle Trail. Its a rocky trail, half of which is fairly steep going uphill. Overall, I performed worse on the part of the trail we had been on before, and didn’t particularly enjoy the climb up, i’m not in good enough shape yet for that trail to be easy. Though, I didn’t give up on it.At the top of the trail, we were greeted with this…

I’m not big on heights or rock climbing myself, and it didn’t look particularly easy to climb up after hiking the trail, but I decided to give it a try, after resting. We’d make it up this far, and I didn’t particularly want to go back down without getting all the way up. Turns out, the rocks were fairly easy to climb up… and the reward? Seeing the view in that first photo.
In person, its breathtaking. I’d never been up that high like this before, to be able to see all of that. I can’t begin to describe how it felt to see that view firsthand. The beauty of it, is just amazing. Its scary being up that high, since the only thing stopping you from becoming part of that landscape is, umm, rocks? 😉
I took several photos while up there of course. 🙂 This one is my favorite.

I love how the rocks look in this photo too. I can’t describe the feeling I get looking at it.

Curtis posted the rest of the photos in his gallery over on his site… Be sure to check them out.
I definitely want to go back up there, though I think the next time, i’m more interested in going towards Crowders Mountain itself. Not sure yet though.

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  1. Oscar says:

    Awesome pictures Chris, I can just imagine how it must feel to make it up there and be rewarded with such natural beauty. Makes me jealous, Texas is about as flat as you can get.