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How to report a problem or request for Firebot

By on January 29, 2010 in Mozilla

In general, it seems as if its not obvious how to reach me regarding firebot. In fact, in seems like a lot of people don’t know who runs firebot at all. So hopefully this post will clear things up.

First off, for those who are new to IRC or just don’t have the time to dive into details.. Firebot, is the IRC robot that hangs around many of the channels on It’s maintained by me, Wolf, I can be found in many of the same channels. It runs the mozbot software, which is a project, which I also am the module owner of.

Mozilla’s Bugzilla: Feature requests and bugs for Mozbot itself belong in, in the webtools/mozbot component. This is the best place to track them. Just telling me will likely result in your request getting lost, its unfortunate, but I just don’t remember things that well.

Firebot’s Bugzilla: Configuration needs for firebot, (Examples: turning on a tree in Tinderbox, adding new Bug announcements, disabling a module in a channel, enabling a feature in a channel, making the bot join or leave a channel, etc) on the other hand, are frowned upon in that component (though I personally don’t care, the bugzilla overlords seem to.) therefore they belong in Firebot’s Bugzilla.. at  ( Specifically the new bug form for firebot is here: [New Firebot Bug/Request Form] )

Via E-Mail: If you don’t want to go through the trouble to sign up for yet-another-bugzilla (ideas for better ways to deal with this are welcome), which I can understand, you can also e-mail them to me via firebot-admin@ <this domain>. You can also ask firebot for it.. just “/msg firebot admin?” and I’ll file your bug and link you to the number so you can keep up.

Confused? The distinctions aren’t very clear and I’m not picky about them, so if you’re confused or not sure, just e-mail me 🙂 Thanks.

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