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Miscellaneous Academia

By on November 20, 2008 in Academic

So, generally, you wouldn’t think that one would finally get around to blogging about being a college student until just after one’s 3rd exam, but, here we are. Its an odd thing, having things to do again, with dates, and requirements, and stresses, and concerns, et all.
Tonight’s exam was in Astronomy, one of 4 courses i’m taking this fall at the University of North Carolina @ Charlotte. (UNCC for brevity in the future, trust me.) Specifically, the live cycles of stars, classifying them, as well as how they form and more importantly, how they die. For those of you who don’t know. our star, has about 5 billion years of life left, and its middle-aged, it contently burns, fusing hydrogen into helium at a alarmingly fast rate, and it is not alone, its just one of many of these wonders lurking around, doing what, on astronomical terms, is a very common and mundane task.
Things i’ve learned so far.. (generally, about academic life, not course material specifically.)
* Being stressed out, is absolutely normal. Its the ones who don’t appear to be about to scream that you should worry about.
* Tests, do not always, come after the homework to which they’re assigned, this is especially true in mathematics courses, the test is a swift kick to remind you you’re alive, and to stop you from breathing, then the homework, gradually and methodically, brings you back to life.
* Time, that thing that’s supposed to seperate things from all happening at once, does not apply to due dates, especially if your coursework is online.
* Due dates, may be just a suggestion, or methodically carved in stone by an electronic timekeeper who shows no mercy
* Seeming a bit eccentric, means you fit in just right.
Overall, I’m enjoying things, its definitely a jolt, and i’m not even especially burried. Astronomy is the hardest course, followed by College Algebra (i’ve never liked math especially.) then Deductive Logic, and trailing last, Intro to Business Programming (don’t ask.. its not bad though.)
Oh, and as an aside, I want to thank my best friend for encouraging me to actually do this, sometimes kicking and screaming, (really.) but its worth it.

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